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Race Day Event Services  Is  Ready  To  Help  You!

Race Day Event Services is a full-service run timing and production company that specializes in IPICO chip timing technology for the fastest, most accurate, and reliable timing.  We are ready to handle every facet of your event in any distance you can dream.  We can help you with everything from concept design to event completion.  Race Day will work with your organization and it's specific needs.  Contact us today to set up an event package that will suit your organization's needs.  Once our services are secure, we will go right to work doing everything we can to make sure you have an AWESOME event!!


Kate Denning

The Boss

Kate is passionate about running. She started out as a recreational runner and then moved into producing her own events in the small community where she and her family reside. In 2010, Kate decided to start her own chip timing company with one goal in offer affordable chip timing to rural, and small-town communities.

Kate has participated in the Rock`n`Roll San Antonio Marathon, Cowtown Marathon, Disney Marathon and Army Marathon, as well as numerous half marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks.  She loves running and anything to do with running.

Kate is lucky enough to get to work with her husband, children and best friends that make up the Race Day Crew!!

Randall Denning

The Husband

In 2010 Kate decided she wanted to start a chip timing business.  As plans were being made, Randall said, "I'll help you get everything lined out, but I'm not going to races with you." At the time, he drove a cattle truck in addition to his full-time job. 

When the first race rolled around, Kate asked him if we would please go for the first time to help figure out what she was doing, and wouldn't ask him to go again.

Needless to say, he was hooked, the cattle truck was sold and unless he is on-call, you will see him every Race Day weekend.

Randall has been a linemen for 20 years and has spent the last 17 at Hamilton County Electric Cooperative.  When Randall is not climbing poles or timing a race in some far off location that Kate didn't want to drive, he can be found farming and ranching.

Randall participates in one 5K a year just to make Kate happy! He doesn't run, because as he says,  "if you see me running you better run too, because something real big is chasing me!" 

2017-12-11 18.27.23_edited.jpg
Pat Denning

The Momma

Momma Pat is the Mom-in-Love!  A few years after starting the business Race Day needed a few more helping hands.   Int he search, Momma Pat spoke up and said she would help out anytime we needed her.  Well, it turns out she has been needed just about every weekend since she said that!  Pat is willing to go and do whatever we ask of her.  I think she has even been corrupted by the Race Day crew...oops!

Momma Pat has been a teacher for 37 years.  She currency teaches Kindergarten at Comanche ISD and that is where she will be until she decides to retire and work for Race Day event Services full time!

Thank you for always being willing to help anywhere you are needed personally and professionally.  Your family loves you!

Anita McCutchen

The Runner

Anita has been with us since the idea of Race Day Event Services began. She helped with all of our Girls Running Wild events as a volunteer and was on board when Kate decided to carry out this crazy dream. I always know I can count on her anytime, anywhere!

Anita is a mom of two beautiful daughters, and Granita to one precious granddaughter, and soon to be grandson.  Anita is an avid runner and adventurer!  Anita likes fishing, hunting and just about anything in the great outdoors. She is always up for a challenge!  Anita has been white water rafting, sky diving, participated in 3 marathons, completed triathlons, mud runs, Spartan races and her latest event was the Ragnar Relay.  She and her team completed 200 miles over the course of 48 hours.

When Anita is not recording back-up times at running events or on some wild adventure,  she is a nurse at Hamilton Healthcare System where she has been employed for 14 years. We are so thankful to have nurse Anita in our Race Day family and she always takes very good care of us!

2017-08-12 15.00.07_edited.jpg
Larry Don Troutt

The Go-To Guy

Larry Don Troutt was a long-time friend. He was actually more like a brother than a friend, and if you ask anyone that knows he & Kate, they will tell you they fought like brother and sister. LD, as he was lovingly called to friends, was with us from the start. When Kate was making her business plan, she asked LD if he would join her early every Saturday morning. He gladly accepted and was there every single race day since December 2010!

Larry Don was the cheerleader.  He was the one that you could always find standing at the finish line to cheer on every single runner.  Larry Don always had a smile on his face.  You never knew what was going to come out of his mouth, but you could guarantee that it was going to make you laugh.

When Larry Don was not cheering at the finish line, he was a jack-of-all-trades, commonly know as a self-employed contractor, he was there for anything you might need.  

We lost Larry Don early summer of 2018.  There is a missing spot on our crew that can never be replaced.  It was hard being a Larry Don, but we sure do love and miss you every single day!

Jack Carter

The Youngster

Jack Carter and Kate were twins in another life. They don't even have to make eye contact with each other to know what each other is thinking. Jack moved to Texas from Georgia and people are still trying to convert him to an official Texan! Jack joined the Race Day crew as a back up helper when it started in 2010, and eventually became the lead timer on the "B Team." Randall and Kate like to think of him as their oldest son, but I'm pretty sure he is glad he doesn't have to claim them!!!

Jack's "real job" is at Hamilton County Electric Coop where he has been a lineman for 10 years.

Thanks for always keeping things interesting, Jack Carter

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